Canva is a great graphic design tool which has increased in popularity online becoming one of the most used.

This is because it is just so simple to use! Canva, over the past few years, has introduced a ton of new and exciting features for its users.

Which provide more support and is exactly what people needed to switch to using Canva instead of other companies. 

Canva provides a wide variety of features, not just image designer tools. You can create logos, infographics, websites, leaflets and the list goes on.

Canva has also expanded its reach to have web usage and mobile phone acces which makes it much easier to use on the go.

Are you someone who is creative and what’s a tool that can create what they need, fast, on the go but still to a high quality? Canva has got you covered. 

Templates are also offered to people who want to create something but need a starting point.

These can be really helpful in any circumstance for any individual whether you’re a beginner or not because there is a huge variety to choose from.

There might just be the perfect template you’re able to edit and make your own!

What Consumer Was It Created For?

Canva is definitely a great tool for people who need to produce content fast and need to get designed finished for either a small business or other clients.

There are particular types of software such as photoshop which requires a huge amount of time poured into learning the hundreds of features and tools and can be difficult to navigate.

Canva is much better for producing multi-page documents. Many people have then invested more money buying indesign for this purpose.

However, it is completely unnecessary because canva has an easy drag and drop where you can create these multi-page documents.

There are free versions but if you want further access it is much more affordable per month than competitor programs.  

The Differences In The Free Version And Paying For Subscription

If you decide you want to switch to Canva there are three different types of subscriptions to choose from if this will be regular usage.

You have the completely free option, the pro and enterprise subscription.

You can try all of them for free for a short period to test how well they work for you but as you start paying more, the features and benefits also increase. 

Free Subscription 

  • 8,000 free templates 
  • Over 100 design types 
  • Free photos and graphics 
  • The app usage 

Pro Subscription

  • Creating a visual brand with logos and fonts 
  • Over 400,000 templates 
  • Premium stock images 
  • Custom templates 
  • Design magic resize 

Enterprise Subscription

  • Built in work-flows 
  • Advances template locking 
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Control over access

Therefore, you have a choice of what plan you want to pay for depending on what type of work you need it for and how often you use it. 

What Canva Does Best

What Canva Does Best

  1. Access to the best photos, videos and templates: They have a wide variety of options in this area and if this is what you are needing then the pro plan could be the best offer for you. Canva does everything for you but you just need to give a bit of information about what language or color and they will find you the best templates! 
  2. Improving photos: Canva offers some of the best photo edits to really enhance your images. You can place effects on the images, filter then, crop or adjust. You can also adjust aspects like saturation and blur tools depending on your subscription. 
  3. Access to extras: You will also have access to stickers, shapes and icons to really bring your pieces to life or make them more fun. You can also change the transparency and size of the icons and stickers to make them suit your piece.
  4. Drag and drop: this tool makes it very easy to move everything around on your page, to get it to exactly where you want it without the hassle. 
  5. Fonts: there is a huge font library where you will definitely find what you’re looking for! It ranges from something wild to something sophisticated so you will never be stuck for your title. 

Social Media Tools

Another really great thing about Canva is how connected you are to social media platforms.

Canva has made it really simple to publish your work onto social media straight from the app or web browser, instead of going off it then going onto something else.

They also have a variety of different options that you can upload to including less common types such as, Slack and LinkedIn. 

It is very important in current society that we are on top of social media with content creation.

Especially if you are a marketer or content creator because that is where all of the engagement is. Canva just makes this a bit easier for you. 


Overall, Canva is a great graphic designing tool for all types of people who want to produce content. Take advantage of whichever subscription suits you and what you’re creating it for.

If you like having a wide range of features to choose from and a lot of support if you need it then Canva could be the choice for you. 

With endless amounts of templates and helpers, you will never struggle to create what you need.

This is also very affordable and should appeal to a wide variety of people who don’t want to dish out so much money on a handful of software brands.

Such as photoshop and indesign which cost a lot more and are far more complicated to use! 

It is extremely easy to download on app or browser, so don’t waste anymore time and get creating, excite yourself with the variety and be creative.  

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