Photoshop is a powerful tool for editing images. It has become essential for graphic designers and photographers alike.

The program allows you to manipulate photos and create new ones using various tools.

Whether you’re wanting to learn the intricacies of graphic design or just wanting to have fun with the programme, Photoshop offers plenty of tools for manipulating and creating amazing images.

Today, we’re going to focus on how to cut out an image in Photoshop. 

Once you get the hang of cutting out images in Photoshop, you’ll be using it non-stop. Almost every project done within the programme requires the use of the lasso tool at some point. 

So, let’s get started! 

Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1 – Open Your Photo

First things first, open your photo that you want to edit. Once Photoshop is open, head over to the file menu on the top bar and select “open”.

Once this is selected it should open a separate window within your file browser. Once you’re here, search for the photo you would like to edit and select “open”. 

Alternatively, you can find the image you are wanting to edit and then drag it into the Photoshop workspace.

On the right hand side of the workspace, you will see a menu which is titled “layer”. The image you have loaded will be labeled as “background”.

To be able to cut out the image, this layer needs to be unlocked. Click on the lock symbol next to the image icon to be able to continue. 

You can zoom in on the photo and the area you would like to cut out by using the scroll button on your mouse. 

Step 2 – Selecting The Lasso Tool

The lasso tool is one of the most important tools used in Photoshop. Once selected, you can draw any shape around objects within your image.

This will allow you to select only those parts of your image that are within the shape. 

There are several types of lasso to choose from: regular lasso, polygon lasso and the magnetic lasso.

These tools work independently from one another and each have their own unique abilities.

The regular lasso will let you trace around the edge of the image freehandedly so you can select everything you’d like with precision.

The polygon lasso tool will only draw straight lines, you must click to add a corner then draw the next straight line. This is the best option if you are cutting out a geometric shape. 

Lastly, the magnetic tool will automatically find the harsh lines and follow them around the outline. It will then select everything inside once the shape is closed. 

The lasso tool works like Photoshop’s pencil tool. Simply, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse around the outline of your image. 

Step 3 – Using The Lasso Tool

After you’ve selected the lasso tool that works best for you, you need to trace the outline of the image you would like to cut out.

You can do this by holding down the left mouse button while dragging the cursor across the image. When you release the mouse button, the selection will be highlighted. 

Now that you have finished selecting the area you wish to remove, you need to decide what you’d like to do with it.

If you want to get rid of that selection then you can simply press the delete button to remove it. You will now see a blank space where the image once was. 

If you would like to move the image elsewhere, you can click on the edit menu at the top the screen and select “cut”.

Next, you will need to open the image you would like to put the selection into using the steps from earlier. This will open up a new workspace with your image in it.

Then, you can head to the edit menu and press “paste”. Your selection will now be shown on the new image.

You can use the move tool from the toolbar on the left to move the selection where you would like it to go. 

Step 4 – Save Your Image

Step 4 - Save Your Image

Once you’re happy with how your image looks, save it! By clicking on the file tab located at the top of the workspace, you’ll be able to name your file and save it. 

Crop A Photo 

If you are looking to crop your image rather than cutting out a particular section of it, then you can use the crop tool.

In order to crop a photo in Photoshop, first make sure you have opened the image you would like cropped. Now, you need to select the Crop tool.

The crop tool is located on the left hand side of the workspace on the toolbar.

Once selected, a grid will appear over the image. By selecting a corner and dragging it inwards, you can make the edges of the image disappear.

Do this until only the desired area of the image remains. Then, make sure to reselect the section tool at the top of the tool bar.

Finally, save your image by heading to the file menu and clicking “save“.


That’s all there is to cutting out images in Photoshop.

There are many more amazing features available in Photoshop, make sure to play about to discover the wonders of Photoshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know When My Image Has Been Saved?

A small icon will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of your workspace. Clicking on this icon will bring up a window showing you the progress of saving your image.

What If I Don’t Want To Lose Any Of My Original Image?

To prevent losing any of your original image, make sure to keep your original image as a separate layer.

Once you have cropped or cut out the part of your image you want to keep, you can merge the two layers together.

Can I Resize An Image After I’ve Cut It Out?

Yes, you can resize your image after you’ve cut it out. Simply head back to the workspace and select the resize tool.

Drag the corners of the canvas around until you find the size you prefer.

What Happens If I Accidentally Delete My Image?

Deleting an image isn’t something you should worry too much about. If you do accidentally delete an image, you can always head to the edit menu and select “undo.”