Procreate is an incredibly helpful tool for artists and designers alike, but it can be a little tricky to get your head around at first because of all the various elements of the app.

One of the main features of Procreate is the user’s ability to use layers, which allow you to create multiple images on top of one another. 

The layers in Procreate are the main focus of our article, as we will be showing you how to merge the layers, as well as giving you a bit of general information on the layer system and looking at what else you can do with them. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Procreate?

Procreate is an Apple Store digital art app that allows users to make their own creations using a variety of tools and techniques.

In addition to being able to draw with your fingers or stylus, Procreate also has many other drawing tools such as erasers, brushes, pens, pencils, markers, etc.

You can add color to your creations in any way you so choose thanks to this wide range of tools. 

There is truly no limit to what type of artwork you can create within Procreate.

It is designed specifically for artists and designers who want to have complete control over every aspect of their work, though hobbyists and beginners are sure to find plenty of fun things to try out as well.

Layers In Procreate

The most important feature of Procreate is its layers.

These layers allow you to place multiple images on top of each other so that you can easily change the look of your image without having to go through the process of redrawing everything. 

For example, if you wanted to add some shading to an object, you could simply put a new layer above the original layer and then add shading to the new layer.

This would give you the ability to edit the shading without affecting any of the underlying objects.

The layers in Procreate are not like those found in Photoshop or Illustrator, in that they do not stack on top of each other.

Instead, they remain separate from each other until you decide to combine them into one single image. 

The Importance Of Using Layers In Procreate

Using layers in Procreate is very useful because it gives you more control over your work than ever before.

Instead of having to start all over again when you realize that you made a mistake, you can simply erase the layer and continue working on the rest of your project.

This saves time and effort and helps you easily rectify any mistakes.

Moving Layers In Procreate

If you’d like to move a layer in the app, simply tap on it and drag it into the position that you so chose.

This could be either above or below the layer that you are currently working on.

Merging Layers In Procreate

One of the best things about Procreate is the fact that you can merge layers together.

When merging layers, all the changes made to the merged layer will affect both of the layers below it.

So, if you were to move a line down in one of the layers, it will appear in both layers when you merge them together.

To merge layers together, highlight the layers you wish to merge and then swipe right. A small menu should appear which will include an option to merge.

Simply tap on merge, and you will see that the layers should have been combined into one. 

It can be a little difficult to be sure that the layers are all definitely highlighted, so to be sure, keep an eye on the color of each layer on the menu on the side.

This menu will display all the layers and number them. Once a layer is highlighted, it will turn a dark blueish gray color.

This should help you differentiate the highlighted layers from the non highlighted ones and make it much easier for you to pick the right layers. 

Grouping Layers In Procreate

Grouping Layers In Procreate

You may find yourself wanting to group certain layers together if you need your work to be even more organized.

This can be done by highlighting the layers you wish to group and tapping on the “Group” button. This button can be found in the layers menu in the top right-hand corner. 

To see your grouped layers, all you need to do is click on the downward-facing arrow that will appear next to the grouped layer name.

This way, you can see all the layers that you have grouped together and change them much more easily.

Are You Able To Unmerge Layers In Procreate?

If you ever want to undo a merge, you can only do so after immediately merging them by using the standard undo feature.

It won’t be possible to unmerge your layers once you have closed your work and opened it back up again, or if too much time passes.

It is important to remember how the undo function works in Procreate in order to ensure that you don’t accidentally delete something and are then unable to fix the problem.

Deleting Layers In Procreate

When deleting layers, there’s no need to worry about losing any information. The data will remain intact, and you won’t lose anything at all.

Deleting layers is very simple as well. Just highlight the layers you wish to remove and then tap on delete in that same menu that appears when you swipe right on a layer.

Duplicating Layers In Procreate

In order to duplicate layers, first select the layer that you want to duplicate and follow the same process as if you were going to merge it with another layer.

On the menu that you see after you swipe right, you’ll see that there is another option to duplicate the layer.

Simply tap on duplicate, and you will now have two copies of the selected layer.

Final Thoughts

Merging layers together is one of the most useful features available in Procreate.

It might seem a bit difficult to get the hang of at first, but once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner! 

If you’re looking for a great app that allows you to create amazing digital art with a wide range of tools and techniques at the ready, Procreate is perfect for you.

It’s easy to learn and has plenty of tutorials and support online. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!