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Published 8 months ago

New work from David Smith (who made the Born and Raised cover for John Mayer). Here he was commissioned by Kings of Leon to create the cover for their record “Beautiful War”. 

Published 9 months ago

Published 10 months ago

Published 11 months ago

Published 11 months ago

Fantastic type and illustration work from Greg Coulton. Amazing love for details. Find more photos here on Behance.



Published 12 months ago

"I make square images so you can put it on instagram".
Really nice work made by Tyrsa made for the first event about typography in France, Typocamp. 

Published 1 year ago

"You need to hear this" project from Philips

Fantastic lettering works for these tables:

Brixton Table Illustrator: Ged Palmer
Hackney Table Typographer / Illustrator: Alison Carmichael / Steve Bonner
Shoreditch Table Illustrator: Mateusz Witczak