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Published 1 year ago


The Voice of all the Gods - New work by Seb Lester

Over the last couple of months Seb has taken a break from his client work to focus on some personal prints. I’ve been in contact with him, planning an interview for 8 Faces magazine (stay tuned for details), so when he shared a sneak peak of this piece last week, I was wowed: The curves, the letterforms, the contrast of the metallic ink and matt paper, were stunning.
The bold words are taken from Shakespeare’s ‘Loves Labours Lost.’ 

I first became aware of Seb’s work in 2010 after he’d left Monotype, where he’d been working as Senior Type designer for many years. I bought one of his prints, “Peace”, which arrived with my address penned in beautiful calligraphic script on the label.

Yesterday he released three major new pieces. This is the first of them that I’ll be posting about.

‘The Voice of all the Gods’

Signed limited edition screen print, edition of 100, 594 X 420 mm (A2), £75. 
Metallic Gold ink on black Plike art paper, 330gsm.

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